5 Ways to get your car out of the snow

At 1000 Tools, we are all about making sure you accomplish what you need with help from the community around you. But just in case you are by yourself and need to get your car stuck out of a snow bank, here is a summary of some tricks that will get you out of a pinch. The majority of this content is from WikiHow

1) Make sure your tailpipe is free of snow. This first step is to ensure that no toxic exhaust gas get trapped in the car cabin since you will be revving up your engine more than usual.

2) Dig away excessive snow and ice. The main reason why your car is not moving is because there is a thin layer of ice in between your tire's contact patch and the road. If your tires are bald, the problem is excacerbated. Due to this decrease in traction, the tire will spin freely leaving you stranded. Whatever you can do to chip away at this ice formation on the road, will increase your chances of freeing your car from that snow bank.

Make sure you also dig away as much snow as possible. If you don't have a shovel, use your snow broom. Even your tire wrench (the one inside your trunk by your spare wheel) might help here. This is the most important thing you can do.

3) Find small rocks to generate traction. After you've determined whether the front or rear wheels are the ones spinning, try laying down a bunch of rocks if you can find them. Try to shove them in between the tire and the icy patch. This will help the tire "bite" the rocks and propel your vehicle forward ever so slightly. It will also cause the rocks to get shot behind the spinning wheels. Tell anyone who is helping you to not stand behind your new rock launcher.

4) Straighten the wheels. When wheels are turned they make it harder for the car to get out of a snow bank.

5) Rock the car. Shifting quickly between forward and reverse can give you more room, but it should be a last resort. The transmission can become overloaded and fail when the momentum is shifted so quickly.